The difference between a custom home and generic builds

Is a Custom Home Right for You? Learn from a premium Macedon Ranges Builder.

Building a new home can be one of the most important and exciting experiences of a lifetime. Everything is fresh and new — no one has ever lived in it before you. However, it’s also a long-term choice that you will very likely live with for many years, so it’s important to get it right. The first decision you will have to make is whether you want a custom home or if a pre-existing plan will suit your needs.

Macedon Ranges Custom Homes

Custom home builders tend to be smaller companies, which gives you a better chance of getting personalised, one-on-one customer service and more attention to your project. You won’t have a building supervisor to act as the middleman, either, because your builder will be supervising the entire process. The build times are often faster as well because you aren’t just one in a crowd of other homes being built at the same time by the same company.

Many buyers have their hearts set on a certain combination of features that just won’t be found in pre-existing house plans. Building a custom home allows them to be much more involved in the design process, with far more flexibility in design and inclusions. The result will be a unique home that will never be built again.

You can choose to support local trades and suppliers for higher-quality trades and materials that result in a higher-quality product altogether. And since you are dealing with one person throughout the entire process, you know that the maintenance phase will be thorough and honest.

Generic Homes

Some builders in your area might have plans available in various price ranges, which have a limited number of options for floor plans, materials and finishes. Buyers may be able to make slightly customised changes, but there are still significant limits on what will be possible to achieve. You will very likely be charged for each of these changes as well. Generally, these builds may require less in upfront costs per square foot. However, if you need to make alterations later to get some feature you really want, then that will add to the total cost of the house.

These types of homes will be a bit more generic, but they best suit buyers who will be content with at least one of the options offered or those who don’t really enjoy having to make a lot of decisions. In some cases, a builder will already have a spec home built, so those buyers will have the best of both worlds — a brand-new home that is already built.

We’d Love to Help You Build Your Dream Home

If you would like to have the house you’ve always dreamed of, contact Jackson Dwellings. We can assist you with the design, engineering and anything else that is required to make your dream a reality. And, there’s an excellent chance that we can complete your home within 10 months from the date we receive the building permit. We promise our clients efficiency, honesty and integrity, and we do our best to provide an enjoyable building experience.

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