Brooking 2.0

It’s always a pleasure to return to the street of an existing JD home. Brooking 2.0 was the perfect sequel to our original Brooking project!

These clients were well-educated and well-researched when they decided to build with our team. They were very open and honest about their exploration with other builders, ultimately deciding that JD was the best fit for them. They also engaged a Private Building Inspector from the outset and this was welcomed by Cam and the crew. We knew that having an Independent Inspector would only solidify the quality of our product and give the clients the extra reassurance they needed

Brooking 2.0 was the perfect representation of ‘Modern Hamptons’. Whilst the soft feature tiles, shaker style cabinetry and timber attributes were true to the classic Hamptons look, the sleek black tapware, counter-top basins, VJ panelling and pendant lights ensured that the home spoke of the year 2022.

Thank you for entrusting our team with your dream. We hope that this stunning home brings many happy memories for you both.